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"For everyone who liked the short story that I wrote… you'll have to scroll down to find it, about Cara getting a wedgie. And especially for bwalsh who said he would kill for a sequel. So here it is. Just don't kill me. 8" -December 18, 2015. 3:42 p.m.

Things changed after Cara’s first wedgie. After Sophie gave Cara a wedgie in front of the other girls, Sophie had grown bolder. She gave more wedgies. And she gave them to lots of other girls. But Cara was her favourite.
At first there were some who stood up for Cara. But as more and more of them got wedgies because of their efforts, the number of people willing to speak out decreased. Simply put, as underwear went up, voices went down. Unless they were voices crying out for the wedgie to stop. The wedgies didn’t stop. Sophie wasn’t the only one to really embrace wedgies as their favourite bullying technique. Or as some of the new and most blatant wedgie givers would say, their favourite pastime. Come gym time Cara had never been more scared to change near other girls.

Sophie gave the most wedgies. And most people would say she gave the worst. Since the first wedgie she had recruited some lackeys to help her. They were friends of hers who followed her everywhere she went, giving out wedgies as Sophie commanded.
It had been a month after the first wedgie, and after Cara’s bad day. Sophie was now fueled by the fact that now she had the respect of so many people. No one laughed at her. She was the cool girl. People moved out of her way as she walked down the hall, and she never heard anyone saying mean things about her. And all it took was to give a few wedgies every now and then.  
Cara on the other hand, was more afraid than she had ever been. It seemed to Cara that Sophie was going out of her way to find her almost every day, just so she could subject her to some brutal wedgies. Cara tried going commando after the first week, but Sophie took advantage of that, and made a huge joke about how Cara mustn’t have any clean underwear. Or maybe, she taunted, Cara was too cheap to buy more after Sophie had ripped them all off. Other students got a good laugh at Cara’s expense. She was still going to go commando. But Sophie made it clear that there were other ways to bully her without wedgies. Although wedgies were the most fun.

Cara wasn’t going to give in. She had friends who wouldn’t laugh at her no matter what Sophie said, and Cara decided that even the slightest physical pain was far worse than any amount of emotional pain which Sophie could inflict upon her.
It was when Sophie gave a wedgie to her friend that Cara changed her mind.
A few days ago Sophie was mulling over her favourite nerd. Cara. Cara was Sophie’s favourite victim. She pinned her rise in popularity on the wedgie she gave Cara. And believed there were two reasons why the wedgie gained her the respect and adoration of her peers. One, Sophie considered herself to be amazing, and her peers only needed a reason to show their affection. The wedgie she gave was an excuse almost. They didn’t want to seem audacious by praising her for no reason. But after she gave the wedgie, well they had no reason not to show their love. She had given them something great to rally around. And secondly, Cara was, for a reason Sophie couldn’t understand, quite popular. She had a lot of Friends and was never bullied before Sophie came along. So in Sophie’s mind she had set the record straight, she had fixed the natural order of things. She had made sure a nerd like Cara was where nerds should be. At the bottom, underneath the people like her.

Sophie had gained the respect of the people, they now knew she was cool, because she had taken down someone they once thought of as cool, and by doing so, she showed them what cool really was. She was so happy with herself and how much popularity she now had, that she almost missed Cara walking down the hall ahead of her. She sped up when she saw Sophie was behind her, and Sophie just saw her as she rounded a corner. She motioned for her two friends to grab Cara. They ran ahead and Sophie took her time walking down the hall. She was in no rush. Every day she felt like she wasn’t even walking on the ground like everyone else. Maybe that was because, in a way, she was walking on the backs of everyone she bullied. She put them down, and by stepping onto them, they raised her up. She loved being popular. It made her feel like she had all the time in the world.

Cara lunged around the nearest corner into a hallway and sprinted as fast as she could. The hallway was long though, lined with lockers on either side, it stretched close to thirty feet, and Cara had only got about half-way before she already felt tired. She had been doing quite a bit of running recently, trying to avoid Sophie and her cronies.  Cara thought she would have been good shape, but her gym class always started with her having to get changed, and that meant she was always getting wedgies. If she wasn’t too sore after the wedgies, she was able to do some running, but not much. They had to do laps the other day, and after a vicious wedgie, Cara found running was difficult, as she felt the pain of the wedgie pulsing like the aftershock of an earthquake registering a high magnitude.

The girls chasing her were always faster than she was, but Cara always ran when she could. It showed she hadn’t given up. She wasn’t going to just stand by and let the girls give her wedgies. At the very least they would have to do a bit of work for it, and they would know she had hope of besting them. The hallway was crowded with people but at the sight of a girl running right down the middle, everyone else cleared a path. Cara hoped the people would spread out again afterwards, blocking the path from the girls pursuing her, but they stayed to the sides, and so the girls, when they did come around the corner, had an easy time spotting her and running right toward her.

Cara made it to the door at the end of the hallway. She was surprised she had made it that far without getting caught. She had ran as fast as she could down the hall waitng for someone to grab her and turn her around. Or maybe she would just feel her shirt move, and then feel herself pulled back as they don’t waste time grabbing her and go straight to grabbing her underwear. But she wasn’t grabbed. Which was partly a relief, but also wouldn’t have been the worst thing in the world. Because today, like the past few days, Cara had gone commando.  

She was surprised that she hadn’t been caught. She started focusing on the fact that once she was in the stairwell she might have an easier time getting away from the girls, because there would be a lot of people who would make it tougher for the girls to follow, and by the time they did catch her, the bell that signaled the start of class would probably ring. She was so focused on the possibility of freedom that she didn’t notice the person who was coming out of the stairwell right in front of her. She ran right into her.

Cara crashed right into the person who had come out of the stairwell, and behind the person she could see the freedom of the stairs. She could see a crowd of people all milling slowly downward, so many people, so easy to get lost in the crowd. The door to the stairwell closed, as she fell backwards and she was able to watch as her chance for freedom slipped away. She was relieved she wasn’t wearing underwear, but she had no idea what sort of punishment the girls would come up with to make up for that.

She landed on her butt with a thump, and grunted as her teeth clacked together in her mouth. Her hands swung behind her, and they connected with the ground. They stung for a moment, but that quickly faded. Cara turned her head to look behind her and she sighed, the girls who had been running, slowed to a walk, until they stood right above her. Even though they ran the same distance she did, neither girl looked the least bit tired, whereas Cara felt so tired she actually considered for a second the viability of her plan to escape. Well, Cara thought, at least my falling over gives me a chance to catch my breath. I probably wouldn’t have gotten much further. Whoever bumped into me did me a favour, she thought, amused at her own sarcasm. Whoever did it really saved me from tiring myself out.

Who did knock me over? Cara wondered. She turned back around and gasped.



Amy, Cara knew, was the best person she could have possibly run into. But under these circumstances, Cara was afraid the other girls would somehow find a way to make Cara wish she ran into anyone else. Amy was Cara’s best friend.
Going only by her appearance those who didn’t know Amy would say she was the classic example of a nerd. She was a few inches shorter than Cara, with frizzy blond hair that always stuck up like it had gotten wet and then electrocuted. Amy wore large coke bottle glasses, a bright pink t-shirt, blue denim jeans, and an old pair of converse shoes that had obvious marks from being scuffed. Amy was one of the smartest people Cara knew, and as wedgies became more and popular at the school, girls like Amy, especially Amy herself had been getting quite a few wedgies.

“Cara, what are you doing running down the hall like that? You could seriously hurt someone doing that. You’re lucky I got quick reflexes, like a ninja!” Amy said, she also fell on her backside, so she had to settle for swinging her arms around, and almost knocking her glasses of her face, to demonstrate how much like ninja she really was. A few other students had stopped what they were doing to see what was happening with the girls who had collided with one another. They saw Amy move her arms wildly and a number of them laughed. But Amy didn’t seem to notice, she kept on waving her arms, a look of concentration taking over her face, as she squinted and frowned.

Cara blushed enough for the both of them. She blushed for Amy’s sake. Amy who never seemed to get embarrassed by anything. Cara considered Amy really innocent, one of those few people who didn’t seem jaded about life, and was always happy about something. Cara didn’t want that to ever change.

“Amy, get out of here now,” Cara cried out, remembering why she had bumped into her in the first place. But it was too late.
“Two nerds for the price of one. How wonderful. Two losers just sitting here waiting for a wedgie. Isn’t that right dorks?” Cara didn’t know there were so many derogatory terms that could be labeled onto her, but since Sophie started bullying her, she had learned there were quite a few.

“Quick Amy, run!” Cara said. She felt a hand grab her arm, and saw Sophie’s other lackey grab Amy. Amy looked up at the person holding her and smiled. Cara rolled her eyes, sometimes the girl was just so…so oblivious to the things happening around her. It could make Cara really angry sometimes. Amy always looked for the best in people, even if they had done something bad to her before. Like now.

“Well thank you for helping me up,” Amy said, speaking to Sophie’s friend. She kept smiling at her, and let herself be almost picked up off the ground. “That was very kind of you.”

The girl holding her didn’t say anything. But she was smirking and kept looking at Amy’s waist, as if she just couldn’t wait to give her a wedgie. Amy didn’t notice this, or if she did, she didn’t understand what the girl was thinking, because she continued to sincerely thank her.

“Thank you very much. I really appreciate when a person does something for someone else, it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside; you know what I mean? It makes me happy. It should make you happy too,” Amy explained to the girl, who was looking at her behind, while also watching as Sophie walked down the hall. Sophie was the one who had said they were nerds and dorks. And she now was taking her time moving toward them now. At the same time Cara was being pulled to her feet as well. She tried to rip her arm free, but she was being held tight.

“It’s all about karma,” Amy was saying, but no one was listening to her. The hallway had gone quiet and Cara realized then that everyone was looking back and forth from her to Sophie, waiting to see what was going to happen. Cara wouldn’t have cared as much if Sophie just gave her wedgies when the two for them were alone, but she didn’t hold out any hope for that to ever happen. Sophie needed people to see her giving wedgies, she didn’t like to give them, Cara thought, as much as she felt like she had to give them. In order to show everyone how awesome she supposedly was. Sophie only gave her wedgies when there was an audience around. And an audience always made the wedgies far more embarrassing. That probably part of the reason Sophie did it. “So you have to make sure you’re nice to people, and good things will happen to you!” Amy was the only one talking and she didn’t notice that everyone else was now looking at her. Amy opened her mouth to continue talking but Sophie, who now stopped in front of the girls, cut her off.

“That’s enough nerd, no one wants to hear you. Unless you’re wailing in response from a wedgie,” Sophie looked to her audience, she smiled at them and gauged their interest in the events. She was satisfied with what she saw. “Or if you’re begging for more.”

A few people laughed and Sophie grinned. She loved to make people laugh.

“Leave us alone Sophie,” Cara said.

“Oh hi Sophie!” Amy said. Cara rolled her eyes and a few of her peers laughed. Sophie’s first thought was that the other students were laughing at her. The nerds weren’t respectful enough of her and they laughed to prove it. Well, that’s why she got her girls to grab Cara, so she could show them what happens when anyone doesn’t respect her.

“Turn her around girls. And you better hold her tight, I have an urge to give a really hard wedgie today.”

Sophie was staring right at Cara, ignoring the other girl. Sophie’s friends guessed who Sophie was talking about giving a wedgie to. The girl holding Amy let her go and grabbed Cara’s other arm. The two girls turned Cara around so her butt was facing Sophie.

Cara was in now in the middle of the hall, a girl on either side as Sophie took a few more steps until she was almost pressed against her. Cara was laughing to herself. She had decided to go commando again and now the girls would realize their mistake. Sophie would probably get laughed at, and Sophie might never pick on her again. It seemed like her plan had finally paid off. She looked around at the crowd and saw that Amy was still standing where the girl had left her. Cara had no idea why she didn’t just leave. Hopefully it didn’t matter. After Sophie failed to give her a wedgie, Cara and Amy would be able to walk away unscathed.

Sophie put her hands on Cara’s hips and Cara tried once more to make escape. She thrust her hips forward but the girls kept holding onto her. Cara didn’t mind, if she did manage to escape the girls would have just caught her again. She only wanted to make this look as real as possible, so that when it was revealed Cara didn’t have any underwear for Sophie to pull, her embarrassment would be far greater than it otherwise would have been. Cara could hear the voices now, ‘Did you hear about Sophie, she tried giving Cara a wedgie but there was nothing there to pull, Cara even tried to escape and everything, maybe she was already feeling sorry for Sophie knowing how much of a loser she’d look like if she couldn’t wedgie Cara! Cara’s the best and Sophie sucks!’

Cara almost smiled, but didn’t want anyone in the audience to see that and mention it to Sophie. She had to control herself just a little longer.

“I love to wedgie you Cara. You’re just such a perfect nerd. Your underwear stretches as if it was made to go up your butt, and your cries. Your pleas as you beg me to stop. You mouth says no,” Sophie taunted, her voice taking on a sweet, almost babying tone as she spoke loudly for everyone to hear so that when they were retelling the story of how she embarrassed Cara in front of everyone, they would get all the details right. “But your body says yes.” Sophie concluded. Sliding her hands up her hips and to the back of Cara’s jeans.

“Your words might be ‘no,’ but I know you mean ‘more.’ And that’s OK. Because I like to wedgie you Cara. So don’t hold back from me. From us,” Sophie said, resting her hands above the waistband of Cara’s jeans. It’s so close now, Cara thought, any second now she’ll realize her mistake.

“If you want more just say it. Just say, ‘wedgie me Sophie. Wedgie me more!” That’s all you have to say. And I will do it. We’re friends after all, aren’t we, and friends help each other out.” With one hand Sophie pulled the back of Cara’s waistband out toward her. And her other hand sunk in between the pants to her butt. Cara almost laughed. Now she was going to figure out I’m not wearing any underwear, Cara thought, she’ll freak out, pulling her hands out of my pants like a snake just bit her, everyone will laugh at her. I should have done this way sooner.

Sophie’s other hand slipped into the back of Cara’s pants, and Cara almost couldn’t stop herself as the desire to laugh grew. She was going to get back at Sophie. She could just imagine how she would react. Sure, she already knew she was going to rip her hands out of her pants, but then what? Would she yell, or curse? Would she fall back in surprise? And even better, when she fell back, would she fall on her butt? That would be funny!

Sophie’s hands searched around the inside of her pants for a few seconds. Cara felt them touch her butt, and slide around looking for her underwear. Sophie’s hands stopped their probing, and Sophie stood without making the slightest movement. Any second now, Cara thought, any second now it will dawn on her what has happened. I tricked her and she is only now
understanding how I tricked her. How is she going to react? However it is, Cara was sure it was going to be priceless.

Cara stood waiting as Sophie’s hands idled in her pants. A second passed. And then another. Sophie wasn’t moving her hands, she must know there wasn’t any underwear there. A few of the very impatient students were looking on with frowns on their face, a few shuffled from foot to foot. She mustn’t know what to do, Cara thought. She’s so embarrassed that she has no idea what to do. But Cara began to wonder if that was true what she should do. Do I say something? Or do I just wait until Sophie freaks out. But she wasn’t freaking out yet. She was just standing still.

What was taking her so long? A few more seconds ticked by, Cara was aware of the silence in the hall, but she could hear the beginnings of whispers among the students.

“What’s taking so long?”

“What’s Sophie doing, how come she hasn’t given Cara a wedgie yet?”

“Is Sophie still touching Cara’s butt?”

Sophie heard it too. She looked at all the other students and saw them all looking at her. A few looked confused, impatient, some of them, she was sure, were looking at her with amusement on their faces. Now she had become their entertainment because she wasn’t giving Cara a wedgie. Well, if they wanted a wedgie, she would give them one.

“Sorry about building up the suspense Cara,” Sophie said, pulling her hands out of Cara’s pants. She did it slowly and naturally, giving no indication whatsoever that Cara wasn’t actually wearing underwear. “But I feel like changing things up today. In fact, I feel like giving someone else a wedgie today. You’re fun and all Cara, don’t get me wrong. But the same thing over and over again can get so boring. Not just for me, of course, but for all of the good people who came to see a wedgie. Isn’t that right?”
A few of them muttered in assent. Most were afraid that Sophie might pick them for the wedgie.

“So what do you all say, is there a volunteer among you who would like a wedgie?”

It was Cara’s turn to stand in place, not speaking, trying to sort through what was happening. Sophie didn’t freak out, she didn’t pull her hands back, and she didn’t fall down. She didn’t say a thing about Cara not having any underwear on. And what was she planning now? Was she honestly going to get a volunteer who she would wedgie?

No one in the crowd said anything. Sophie’s arms were outstretched toward the nearby crowd that had circled around her and Cara. She walked to one part of the crowd, and they all abruptly stepped back. Sophie looked at her peers and when her eyes passed over them, they looked to the ground.

“Anyone? No one wants a wedgie?” Sophie asked, sounding surprised at the idea of no one wanting a wedgie. “Are you all sure, I’ll be gentle. Unless you want me to be rough. In which case I’ll jam your underwear up as far as I can. I’m sure some of you would like that wouldn’t you? You’d like a nice firm wedgie, as your underwear was digging into you. Me, the hot popular girl, pulling all up on your underwear. I bet some of you nerds fantasize about it! I know you do, don’t lie.” Sophie taunted, and nobody lied, because nobody stood up for themselves.

“So no volunteers?” Sophie said, but her voice took on a whiny, babyish quality, like that of a child who couldn’t get the candy she desperately wanted. “Nobody wants my hands on their underwear, pulling and tugging,” Her voice changed again. However this time it was the voice of a seductress. The sexiest sort of voice Sophie could adopt, purring with a blatant attempt to tempt the audience, or maybe simply to tease them.

“Like I said, I could do it gently. Slowly. Pulling in just the right ways; making sure that the underwear rubbed you in all the right places.  I know you’d like that. Who wouldn’t? Me, the hot girl, using your underwear to pleasure you, sliding it up. Firmly squeezing. Lightly stroking. Always making sure the wedgie was nice and tight.”

Most of the students looked anywhere but at Sophie. Not sure how to react, they also looked at each other with embarrassment and confusion on their faces.

“Last chance to volunteer. No one? Fine,” Sophie said and turned around back toward where Cara was standing. Cara had been watching Sophie, all the while trying to puzzle out what she was planning. She obviously didn’t actually expect anyone to volunteer to get a wedgie. And since no one did, wasn’t she just embarrassing herself more?

Cara’s first thought was that Sophie was going to go back to her. Maybe she thought up some new way to bully her. Maybe she would pants her. No, she already knew Sophie would never do anything like that. That was how people got expelled from schools, and in Cara’s current attire, pantsing her could probably lead to some serious charges related to assault.
Cara tried to lock eyes with Sophie, but she realized Sophie wasn’t looking at her. She was looking past her, behind her. Cara turned to see what she was looking at. Sophie smiled as she brushed past Cara, no longer taking her time and walking slowly. She almost ran across the circle of students, and when Cara saw what she must have been staring at, she understood why she was running. It was close to the same reason that Cara also started running.

“Amy, run, quick get of here. Go now!”

Amy had been watching everything feeling sorry for her best friend Cara. Wanting to do something, knowing she was going to get a wedgie, but not sure what to do to stop it from happening. When Sophie didn’t give Cara a wedgie, Amy was delighted. She didn’t know why Sophie wasn’t giving Cara a wedgie. Her best guess was that Sophie might have had a change of heart. She might have seen the error of her ways, and Amy was happy for her.

For Amy, no one could be mean for long. It was only a matter of time before they realized what they were doing. And then people ended up feeling regret.

When Sophie finished her talking about how she was looking for a volunteer to wedgie Amy was satisfied that Sophie had indeed changed. All this talking about giving hard, or gentle, wedgies was just talk. She would walk away with her friends and Cara and her would never have to worry about another wedgie again. And better yet, Amy thought, Sophie wouldn’t have to worry about regret. At least, she wouldn’t have as much regret to deal with, as she would if she kept giving wedgies.
And when Sophie turned toward her a wide smile on her face, Amy was ecstatic. She was sure that Sophie was going to come up to her and apologize for everything she ever did to her. All the wedgies she gave her, and all the bullying. Amy was so happy, and knew she was going to forgive Sophie.

Sophie did in fact walk toward Amy. She took a few steps and then began to run toward her. The circle was small so it only took a few seconds. Amy watched as Cara turned around, saw Amy and yelled out. Confusion set in when Cara yelled for Amy to run. Why would she run? Sophie obviously couldn’t deal with the guilt of having been a bully any longer, and she just couldn’t wait to get forgiveness. When Cara started running toward her too, Amy was totally lost. What did Cara think Sophie was doing? She was running towards her for a chance at forgiveness. What, did Cara think Sophie was going to take this opportunity to give her a wedgie?

Oh sweet Cara, Amy thought, Cara was smart and a great friend. But she had no faith in people. She never trusted anyone.
“Sophie, how are you?” Amy asked, stepping toward her. She hoped Cara didn’t run into Sophie or anything like that, it would ruin a perfectly good chance for apologizing and moving on.

“Amy no,” Cara yelled. Sophie reached Amy first. Sophie’s friends weren’t sure what was happening so when they saw Sophie grab Amy, they grabbed Cara. The two of them gripped on of her arms, stopping her only a few feet away from where Sophie and Amy were standing.

“Sophie, don’t worry about apologizing, I already forgive you,” Amy explained.

“Oh really?” Sophie replied, without hesitation as if she had prepared a response beforehand. “Well then I’m sure you’ll have no trouble forgiving me for this.”

“For what?”

Sophie pushed Amy towards the lockers on one side of the hall, the crowd there all but jumped out of the way to avoid getting bowled over by Amy, as a result Amy collided with the lockers with a crash. She was dazed but because she had her arms out in front of her, her palms ended up taking the the brunt of the collision. Her hands wold be red for a few days, but other than them stinging, she wasn’t hurt. Not yet anyways.  

Before Amy could say anything, Sophie was behind, reaching into her pants, a pair of black track pants that were a little too big and baggy. The back of Amy’s plain white shirt with a yellow smiley-face, was flipped up so Sophie would have an easier time getting to Amy’s underwear. Amy knew the routine, she had experienced it enough times. She couldn’t understand what was happening though. Sophie was coming to her to apologize. What was all this about? Why had she thrown her against the locker? Why had she flipped her shirt up? This was either the weirdest apology Amy had ever experienced, or Sophie was about to give her another wedgie.

Amy was holding out hope that it was the former. She was just trying to scare Amy, she would turn her around in a second and say something like, ‘What? Did you actually think I was going to give you a wedgie?’ Yeah that was all this was, Amy told herself. And she believed it too. Until the wedgie came.

Sophie grabbed Amy’s underwear, a pair of plain white granny panties that had some frills on the waistband.
“What a dorky pair of underwear you have on for us today Amy. It’s like you want to get wedgied or something,” Sophie teased, running her fingers on the fabric of Amy’s panties. A few members of the crowd giggled in response and Sophie knew that by choosing Amy she made the right choice.

“Leave her alone. Don’t touch her,” Cara called out, she tried lunging toward Sophie but she was held tight by the two girls and Cara knew she wasn’t going anywhere. By not wearing underwear she had made the wrong choice. “It’s me you want!”

Sophie spared her a glance. She smiled at Cara, but there was nothing friendly about the smile. It was all malice and annoyance.
“Oh don’t worry Cara,” Sophie said, still tickling Amy’s underwear as she tried to gauge how stretchy it was, “You’ll get your turn. How does tomorrow sound? And make sure you come…prepared.” Sophie tensed her muscles and bent her knees slightly. Cara cut in with one final plea.

“If I let you give me a wedgie tomorrow will you let Amy go?”

Sophie giggled.

“Oh no Cara. No, no, no. I’m going to give you a wedgie tomorrow, and if I don’t, I’ll just have to wedgie poor old nerdy Amy here again. And to show you how serious I am, I’m going to give Amy here a wedgie so you don’t forget that no one stands up to me.”

Sophie turned her head to the crowd and surveyed them.

“I hope you all remember that. No one stands up to me. You take your wedgies when I want to give them, and you never, ever, fight back. If you do, I’ll just make it worse,” she looked back at Cara who was still struggling to get free.
“Just look at Cara here,” Sophie insisted, “look at how the nerd struggles. She doesn’t understand her place. But that isn’t entirely her fault. I’ve been too lax with her. If I really want respect then I have to earn it. Earn it by breaking her spirit. Her resistance.  Her hope that she can fight and win.”

Sophie shook her head.

“Don’t fight Cara, it’s easier to just submit to the way things are. “

Cara didn’t say anything. She glared at Sophie with what she hopes was a look comprised of menace and anger. Sophie saw this and sighed.

“You better clench your butt nerd,” said Sophie, “this is going to be a real good wedgie.”

Amy closed her eyes and let out a quiet squeal as if she were already feeling the underwear. Sophie too a deep breath, reveling in the moments just before the wedgie. Always there was this silence, as well as obvious anticipation. All eyes were on her to see what she was going to do. She loved it.

Sophie slowly pulled the underwear up, stretching the fabric in one long movement as her arms extended from the elbows up. She yanked the granny-panties, up and towards her, her fingers adjusting themselves as the underwear struggled to move back Amy’s pants.

Amy felt the underwear shoot up, within seconds the familiar feeling of her underwear bunching up and sticking into her butt as Sophie hauled on the fabric, forcing it further upward. The cloth thinned itself out to fit better under these new pressures, and became, as usual, a thick sort of rope that carved her butt back and forth. Her large, perfectly fitting granny-panties in moment’s bean to resemble a thong more than anything else as it slid into her butt and gave a perpetual wedgie as the underwear showed no sign of receding, and Sophie didn’t give any indication of stopping anytime soon. Why would she? The wedgie had just begun.

“I bet you like that nerd, wearing such big granny-panties, you must love these wedgies. Why else would you wear something that you know is going to give you such bad wedgie?”

“Leave her alone!” Cara called out.

Sophie wrenched the underwear back, Amy fell against the lockers again, as she almost lost her footing and toppled over. She groaned at the surprise and force of the wedgie and her body was jammed against the lockers as her underwear stretched up her back, becoming more and more visible for the crowd that surrounded them.

“Sorry Cara,” Sophie said, “I can’t hear you over the moans of your loser friend. She loves wedgies, did you know that?”
A couple more people laughed and Cara blushed. She wasn’t the one getting a wedgie, but she blamed herself for any embarrassment that Amy faced now.

“I…don’t!” Amy tried to defend herself, but Sophie only had to give the underwear another pull, Amy squealed as she felt the underwear try to penetrate her body, it felt like she was going to be split in half; divided by her cleaving underwear that was shoved onto her.

“You hear that everyone? The nerd loves wedgies but doesn’t want anyone to know! What a loser! You got a secret love of wedgies nerd? What happens if I pull on your underwear… like this?”

Sophie let up the pressure of Amy’s underwear, and instead of pulling straight up, and towards herself, she moved the underwear side to side. Sophie planted her feet and locked her arms as she made sure to grind the underwear against Amy, rubbing it against her in a more direct fashion. Shifting the underwear so it really got in and made its presence known.
Amy’s feet also shifted, she tried to push her body back so she wasn’t so close to the lockers, but Sophie shoved her forward, working the underwear around and up, Amy groaned, feeling the underwear not just dig into her, but now it was almost like it was massaging her in a painful fashion, sliding around her butt, getting higher up than if it was just rammed against her. Now it was almost like it was sneaking into her butt, and her clenched butt cheeks couldn’t stop the underwear from rising up as it slipped into her butt. Amy’s face was against the cold lockers, her hands scrabbled against them trying to get a hold, but they were a smooth surface, and the movement of her body as the underwear moved from side to side, was enough to make standing straight difficult.

“Do you like that loser? I bet you love when I move your nerdy panties like this. Really getting them up; and I bet you can feel the fabric tightening against you, can’t you. But you love it, don’t you dork? Say you like it.”


“Say it!” Sophie demanded, giving the underwear a yank. She pressed herself up against Amy, squeezing her between her and the lockers, as she pulled the underwear up, the white fabric was now reaching to her shoulder blades, Amy squeaked as the underwear somehow managed to stretch a bit higher.

Amy didn’t want to say it. People might laugh at her, but more importantly, it wasn’t true. She didn’t like wedgies. She didn’t think there was anything wrong with liking it, but she just didn’t, and didn’t want to lie.

“Say it loser, unless you want to see if I can pull your dorky underwear over your pathetic nerdy head.” Sophie gave the underwear another pull and the crowd was loving it. All this time they’d been laughing and cheering with every pull and tug of the underwear.

“Fine,” Amy whispered, knowing Sophie would do it if she didn’t say anything. And she would keep bullying her until she did.
“I…I like wedgies.”

“Say it louder loser, some of us can’t hear your nerdy voice over the sound of your dorky panties stretching, and the threads popping.”

“I like wedgies,” Amy said, louder than before, she hung her head, her back arching as her body angled to accommodate the wedgie.

“Again dork.” Sophie gave one more pull, and Amy’s head was moved backwards by the underwear being hoisted up. The panties had reached the back of her head and Sophie had to extend her arms as she worked to keep the underwear in place. Amy still didn’t want to say anything, but every thread of the  underwear seemed to be working together to dig in her butt and prick at her like hundred of little needles all moving into her at the same time. Cara was still struggling to escape but she knew the wedgie was almost over.

“I like wedgies,” Amy called out, and with that Sophie let go of the underwear. She just opened her hands and the underwear snapped back to the top of Amy’s pants. Amy instantly turned around, her back to the locker and worked to pick out the wedgie.
Everyone laughed at Amy who hopped from side to side, trying to dig out her wedgie that had become almost a fixture in her wedgied butt.

The bell rang, a few minutes too late for Cara and Amy of course, but with it the crowd dispersed and Cara was released. Everyone except Cara and Amy left laughing and smiling, talking about the wedgie and how dorky Amy was.

Amy was still fixing her underwear when Cara stood in front of her. Cara put her hand on Amy’s shoulder, and gave her a smile.
“You OK Amy?”

Amy was looking at the ground, but looked up at the sound of Cara’s voice.

“Yeah, I’m all right. I feel bad for Sophie though.”

“What do you mean you feel sorry for her? She almost pulled your underwear over your head!”

“She thinks wedgies will solve all her problems,” Amy explained, tucking her underwear as best as she could back into her pants. Cara was surprised to see Amy was smiling at her. “In the real world wedgies aren’t always the solution. You can’t get
everything you want with wedgies. And the things you can get aren’t wort having anyway. At least, that’s what I think. Hopefully she figures out wedgies aren’t the way. And I’ll be here to forgive her when she does.”

“Amy, you’re…unique, that’s for sure.”

“Thanks Cara,” Amy said, as if she hadn’t just gotten a wedgie in front of a crowd of people. Her underwear exposed and forced to say embarrassing things for all to hear. She was her same joyful, and happy self. Cara sometimes didn’t think Amy could ever be upset by anything.

“We better head to class,” Amy said, skipping down the hall. At first Cara thought her skipping was some elaborate way to fix her wedgie, but then she realized this was just Amy being herself. She felt even worse that someone so innocent had to take a wedgie for her. She would wear underwear tomorrow, and if that meant getting a wedgie then she would endure it. She wouldn’t let Sophie wedgie her friends, and she wouldn’t let Sophie beat her.

The next day Cara wore underwear. And she got a wedgie.

There wasn’t a crowd this time, Sophie had gotten to school early just so she could wait around for Cara. She knew which door she came in most mornings, and Cara, not wanting Amy or anyone else to get wedgied because Sophie couldn’t find her, went to where she knew Sophie would be waiting.

Sophie took Cara by the arm and Cara let herself be dragged into the school until they reached an empty hallway. Since both girls were pretty early they knew they had probably ten minutes before a lot of other students would be coming in the hallway. So they had ten minutes all to themselves.

The two girls were standing in the middle of the hallway facing each other.

“I don’t like the stunt you pulled yesterday,” Sophie said.

“I don’t like how you keep giving me wedgies,” Cara retorted.

Sophie giggled. Cara looked both ways down the hall, hoping some people might have come early who would stop the wedgie. But she was also afraid that if anyone did come, they wouldn’t stop the wedgie, they would just watch.

“I don’t care what you like Cara, you’re a loser, and I’m cool. Don’t you get it yet? I make the rules around here. That’s how things are here in school, because that’s how things are out there,” Sophie said, pointing to a window. “People like me tell people like you what to do. And you listen.”

Cara didn’t know what to say, Sophie was hard to talk to at the best of times.

“Sophie,” she tried, “there are no ‘people like you,’ or ‘people like me.’ You shouldn’t be dividing everyone-“

“Did I even say you could talk nerd?” Sophie asked and Cara rolled her eyes. She tried, but now the wedgie was going to start. “You still fight Cara. It’s not as bad as when I first gave you wedgies, but even now for example, a good nerd would already be in the position, ready to take their wedgie. But you…you stand there looking at me. One day you’ll learn, and I’ll be there, with my hands on your underwear, to make sure you know you’ve been broken.”

“Just get it over with,” Cara said, still hesitating before turning around. She put her hands on the lockers in front of her, and stuck her butt out for Sophie.

“I think you should ask for the wedgie,” Sophie said, from behind Cara. Cara looked over her shoulder and saw Sophie was just staring at her.


“I said, I think you should ask me for the wedgie,”

“I’m not going to ask you for a wedgie!”

“No? Then maybe I’ll just have to find Amy and get her to ask for one instead.”

Cara gritted her teeth.

“You can wedgie me all you want, but I won’t ask you to do it.”

“Cara, Cara, Cara. This is the fighting I’m talking about. You just make things harder on yourself. Soon you’ll learn though. And then you’ll be begging me for a wedgie. I can’t wait to see you beg.”

Cara felt hands brush past her shirt and enter the back of her pants. She was wearing black jeans. Cara thought about wearing baggy track pants but, she didn’t want to make it easy. Maybe what Sophie kept saying about her fighting her was true.
Sophie let her fingers linger on Cara’s underwear, probably hoping that Cara would really come to understand her position, but this had been happening for a while now, and Cara was growing bored by it all. Maybe that’s why anyone fought anything, because the novelty had worn off.

“Fine, I’ll give you this wedgie without you having to ask, but only this one time. Next time I tell you to do something, you better listen. OK?”

Sophie’s fingers touched Cara’s underwear, but gave no sign of starting to pull. Cara realized that Sophie was waiting for her to respond, and the two of them would stand in the hallway for as long as it took, her hands just lightly waiting atop her underwear until Cara said something and then the wedgie would finally begin.

“Whatever,” Cara sighed, not wanting to concede even the smallest of victories to Sophie, but she also didn’t want this to go any longer than it had to.

Without warning, or any further taunts, Sophie towed the underwear out of Cara’s pants like the trucks that attached onto cars and drove them to the scarp-yards. Cara’s body instantly tensed and was pushed against the lockers from the force and surprise of the wedgie. The cloth of her panties surged into her butt like the water out of a broken dam, gushing forward, catching her up in it. The underwear jammed against her, constricting her lower body while it tightened on the front of her. Sophie maneuvered the underwear like the wedgie aficionado she had come to be over the past month, all it took was a lot of practice.

She started pulling the underwear side to side, like she did yesterday on Amy, and the result as the same, the underwear sliced into her with almost cliché movements that she had become quite familiar with over the last little while. It would always push into her, bunching up into her most private areas within seconds of the first pull, even if Sophie did it slow, which she sometimes did in some deviated attempt at teasing her more. The panties would always tighten against every part of her groin, digging into her, and her body would always react in a predictable pattern. Her legs would lock, maybe her knees would bend as Sophie’s extended, and her arms would grow weaker as Sophie exhibited greater strength over the undies. Like Amy before her, her hands would search for something to grip onto as her body was tossed around like she was caught in a strong wind. Sophie’s pulls were like that wind, pulling her in different directions, forcing itself against her until she felt herself being pushed by the force of it all.

Cara was becoming more and more accustomed to wedgies and her bodies reactions to them, but that didn’t mean they didn’t still hurt. They hurt a lot. And her didn’t want to make any kind of noise, that would be a sign of weakness, but like every situation where she had to show weakness in front of Sophie, it was either that, or suffer something much worse; and if she didn’t scream out, or make some kind of noise to let out some of the pain from the underwear grating on her, then she felt she might burst.

“Aaihhh” Cara groaned an incomprehensible warble similar to the number of different things that had to happen to make such a cry possible, the underwear had to run into her, her crotch had to be constrained and the pain had to be immense.

“Just like your nerd friend, you probably like these wedgies. But we both know that isn’t true, no matter how nerdy you seem,” Sophie said. Cara wasn’t paying too much attention to what Sophie was saying, she was more concerned with her underwear that was stretching so the waistband was almost even with her bra-strap. The soft material that made up her panties crashed into her continuously as Sophie puled the underwear up every few seconds in quick jerks to make sure the pain of the wedgie stayed fresh on her butt.

“No, but you tried to embarrass me in front of everyone. Make me look like some kind of loser. I’m not a loser!” Sophie yanked up on the underwear as if Cara’s underwear was her reputation and she was thrusting it up to greater heights by not letting anyone make fun of her, and by putting herself on top of everyone else.

“I’m no loser, I’m not some nerd you can just try to make fun of. I deserve respect, adoration. And why not, Cara? Am I not worth it?”

Sophie gave the underwear a harsh pull, stepping back slightly and bringing the underwear with her, Cara squealed as the underwear squeezed her tighter, bombarding her butt like only a wedgie could when the underwear was being forced into her. Cara didn’t get as embarrassed as she did a month ago when her underwear was being pulled up, but it helped that there weren’t any other people here. Sophie loved to see her blush, to know Cara was embarrassed even if she didn’t say anything, or make any indication that Sophie was beating her, Cara knew her blush gave her away. But having a bully tug on her panties still caused her some chagrin and she felt her cheeks redden and heat up as the friction of her underwear heated up her other cheeks as well.

Cara could hear threads pop, and the fabric strain in protest as Sophie once more forced Cara against the lockers to get her in place so she could give her a better wedgie. With Cara pressed against them, Sophie jerked the underwear up and down n quick succession, Cara was only able to let out a series of moans and groans as a response. She had tried to physically fight Sophie, but like she concluded before Sophie even gave her the first wedgie, she easily overpowered Cara when she tried. Cara even thought about working out and maybe building up some muscles, but yesterday reminded her of a very important fact, if Sophie couldn’t get to her, then she would just wedgie her friends.

“Losers like you don’t understand how hard it is for people like me to keep people liking you. You’re all fickle you nerds, and geeks. The other popular girls too. Some days they like you, some days they don’t. How does one stay relevant in a world of constant change? But why am I asking you dork? You couldn’t understand how hard it is to be accepted. You’ll never be accepted. No one would ever think you were cool, or popular. So you can’t get what it means to me.”

She hauled the underwear up, raising her arms as high as she could, pulling the panties until a hold appeared right in the middle, and Sophie kept her arms up, stretching the fabric as much as she could.

“And you have to make it harder on me, don’t you, Cara? Why? Just be a good little nerd, a little wedgie nerd, and take your wedgies. Others fight because of you. They see you, and some of the nerds…they look up to you, don’t ask me why. And they see you’re not just taking wedgies, they think they don’t have to either. You’re messing up the ways things should be, Cara. But I’ll make sure to break your spirit. If not today, then soon. And when you’re beaten, the nerds at this school will finally stop snickering behind my back, yes, I know they do. I hear them whisper as I walk by, and the popular girls won’t question my legitimacy. They’ll all see. And if that means I have to wedgie you, fine. I will. I’ll do whatever it takes.”

Sophie kept the waistband of Cara’s undies pulled as taut as she could, the small hole growing larger with every word in her monologue, which was only interrupted by the sound of the underwear breaking apart under the pressure of being wedged so brutally against Cara, and the moans of Cara as she gritted her teeth and prayed the wedgie would end. The underwear was all inside of her it seemed, ramming her butt and crotch, only limited by how hard Sophie pulled. Cara was on her tip-toes from the force of her wedgie, her hands were above her head, closed into fists, that opened and closed every few seconds, her own nails biting into her skin like the underwear bit into her.

The hole in her underwear grew even bigger, until it encapsulated a strip of her underwear. Her panties began to tear in the middle and the underwear fell apart as threads popped onto the floor, Cara’s body was forced even closer to the lockers so she was almost grinding against them as well, when her underwear was stretched past her shoulder blades, but it wouldn’t last much longer. Sophie kept the fabric pulled as far as it would go, and Cara had to be careful not to bit her tongue. She let out another moan and Sophie didn’t respond, she held the underwear as it tore off from itself. Her face was contorted n a mask of pain of discomfort, just like it always did as this point, Cara’s mind told her to try to pick the wedgie, urging her to move her hands and dig the underwear out of her butt, the pain a searing shock as it pinched her with a cloth-like fury. But she had tried that before, and Sophie hadn’t liked it. The wedgie might be almost over, but she could still pull whatever was left in her butt once it ripped if she felt like it. Cara didn’t want to give her any excuse to do that.

Cara fell to the ground when her underwear snapped in half, Sophie almost fell back as well, but she knew what to expect at this point and was able to brace herself enough for the change in weight, so she only had to take a step back, when the underwear shot off in separate directions. Cara lay on the floor, her hands now having no reason not to pick the wedgie, went right ahead and worked to adjust the fabric out of her pants.

Sophie stood over Cara, the underwear in her hands. She looked at it with contempt, and then looked back at Cara. She glanced down the hallway and saw a few people were coming in. She thought about continuing the wedgie, but decided not to. Cara would learn her lesson soon enough, no reason to get her when she was already down; besides, at this point she was probably numb to the pain, her nerdy wedgied butt. Best to wait until she wasn’t expecting it, so her butt wouldn’t have any time to prepare for it.

“Whatever it takes Cara,” Sophie whispered. “Whatever it takes.”

Cara stayed prostrate on the floor, her face getting acquainted with the cold tiles. Her hands shamelessly shoving the scrapped remainders of her underwear back into her pants. Sophie looked down at her for a few more seconds and then walked down the hall. With her back to Cara, Cara was able to turn her body and watch Sophie walk away. She saw Sophie take one last look at Cara’s underwear, bringing it to her eye-level. Cara couldn’t see her face but she imagined Sophie sneered at them like they were some kind of dead animal, because she threw them on the floor beside her a moment later without pausing in her walk away.  

So after writing the first part and getting comments like "Would be infinitely grateful if you were able to write a sequel (or prequel) to this!! Loved it very much. Would KILL to see Cara or her friends get revenge on Sophie! Or better yet, another popular girl get Sophie. My favorite fantasys always include the hot, popular girl getting humiliated like Cara just did, since it is so rare!! So pretty please with a cherry on top" (bwalsh, 2015) and "This was AMAZING. OMG. You've out done yourself here. Truly amazing. You've capture so many forms of humiliation in one. Adding cara as a girl who is afraid of exposing her underwear as a major theme, AND Sophie as a typical bully seeking attention was an explosion of masterful craftmanship and writing. Keep up the good work!" From the wonderful :iconfooglehorn: I was motivated to write a sequel of sorts building on the story of Cara, and the character of Sophie. As you know I'm interested in the etymology of names and the name Amy is the only one I deliberately chose a head of time. As some of you might know, Amy means friend. The story continued to grow as I wrote it, and this first part of the sequel was posted on December 18 2015. Basically a month after the first much shorter story was published. The parts for this longer sequel came out within a short span of time, and I'm pretty happy with how it all came out. I came up with a number of alternate endings to the action which were never actually written.  But I can talk about those once all the parts are posted. I hope you enjoy this.

Also, totally unrelated but I started this survey for members of the wedgie fetish community. Please take 30 seconds to complete it to help paint a better and fuller picture of the wedgie fetish community: :iconarghtime: made a poll a while back as well. It's much longer, but if you're interested and never answered the questions when it was first being talked about by him, here it is:…

Thanks in advance for your help, and again, I hope you enjoy this first part of Cara's Choice.
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Here's the first part.
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I finally set aside some time to start reading this series and wow i wish i couldve started it even sooner. Hanns, you are without a doubt, my favorite writer on DA! Youre the only one i know who can write about wedgies in the fashion you do in your stories. Theres always a variety of interesting characters and the actual set up for the stories are rock solid. I for some reason kept seeing Amy as Derpy Hooves because of her innocent naivety. I think she was like my favorite character. Those wedgies were cringe worthy dude, ouch!! Lol, but seriously This story was so well written its like i was watching a movie.  You are a fantastic writer my friend, keep up the great work out there!
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you're welcome, and I'm sure I will
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