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She didn’t want to change near the other girls.

It usually wasn’t that much of a problem, but today she had a bad day.

Her bad day started with a bad morning.

Cara had to change her clothes for gym class with all the other girls around her. She didn’t want to change. But she didn’t have a choice.

It started with her morning, and ended with a wedgie.
She woke up late. Her alarm was always set for 7 a.m., so she could wake up, get dressed, and walk the short distance to school. She did all this making sure she got there by 8:30. That’s when school started.

But her alarm didn’t go off. Her internal clock slowly got the message to her that she should be getting up. But by that time, it was already 8 a.m. Apparently, her internal clock didn’t realize how important it was that she have time to get ready in the morning.  
She looked at her alarm, yelped in surprise and threw herself out of bed. She moved so quickly it was as if she had found a snake on it. Usually she would take her time picking out her clothes, making sure everything fit nice, and that, she looked at least somewhat presentable. Today she couldn’t do any of that.

She rushed around her room and grabbed the first articles of clothing she saw. A tight black shirt (that was, she would later remember, and not easily forget, too small) a bit of her stomach was exposed when she put it on, but she wasn’t paying any attention to it. She put on a pair of black jeans as well, and like her shirt they weren’t the right size. This time they were too big. Not a lot, but Cara hated pants that were loose. On any other day she would have put on a belt. But today she was in too much of a hurry. If she even thought about a belt it was just to tell herself she didn’t have to worry about it. The pants weren’t that loose.
She would regret not putting on a belt.

Dressed so she wouldn’t get arrested on her way to school, but not as nicely as she would have liked. She moved through her house as if she wasn’t even there. She was out of the house only minutes after getting dressed, she had grabbed a piece of bread on her way out the door and was taking bites out of it as she walked quickly down her street. She made her way to her school. And her wedgie.

The bad day had begun.
She didn’t want to change near the other girls, but it was gym class and she had too. Again, like most days she wouldn’t have had to worry. Gym class was a daily exercise, at least, it was for her final semester in high school, and she had, like every morning, a routine. But because she was rushed, her plan was ruined.

She always put her gym shorts on before she put on any pants, so that when it was time to change she would just take her jeans off, and she would be ready to go. But now she had to take her pants on and then put her shorts on. And that means her underwear would be showing.

There was nothing worse for Cara than having someone see her underwear. To Cara her underwear being exposed was the most embarrassing thing she could think of. Other people seeing her panties just seemed wrong on so many levels. Maybe it was because the whole purpose of underwear, the very reason it was created was to protect and cover her more intimate parts and if her underwear was exposed didn’t that mean her private parts were as well? Or maybe she just felt a person’s choice of underwear was not something anyone else should ever know about. Perhaps she simply believed underwear should be in her pants, not out of it.

The girls were all gathered in the changing-room, a large square room, with white tiled walls, and matching floor. Wooden benches lined the walls and a few more were scattered, almost randomly, around the room. Most of the girls were milling about in the middle of the room, changing in close proximity to one another, while Cara stood in one of the corners. Alone and unchanged.
She always considered herself more of a punk type of girl. She was a shorter girl, skinny. She had red hair, pale skin dotted with freckles, and these dazzling green eyes that caught the light and seemed to shimmer with their own power. Her hair was cut short, and kept straight. And although she was in her last year of high school, people she didn’t know often assumed she was younger.  She didn’t have a large chest, but what was there was exemplified by her tight black shirt, that kept exposing a bit of her stomach. She did think she had a nice butt though.

Cara stood like this, in the corner of the room, watching the other girls, trying to decide what to do. She wanted to change, needed to change, but her fear of embarrassment kept her frozen. Maybe she could wait until they all left, but by that time class would have started and she would be late. She could try to start changing, but some of the girls were already finishing up and that would mean there was a really good chance that one of them might see her underwear, see her private undergarments and watch her as she tried to cover herself further. Part of her realized that she probably didn’t really have anything to worry about. She might not have been super popular but she knew and was friends with most of the girls there. They were mostly good girls.

She kept standing there trying to decide what to do. One of the girls seemed to sense her embarrassment, like how one might feel when someone is watching them; the feeling is there even if no one else can be seen. And one girl turns to see Cara standing the corner, her head bent slightly so she could stare at the floor.

“What’s up Cara?” Sophie said, calling over to her from where she stood in the middle of the changing room.

Sophie was only slightly taller than Cara, she had long blonde hair and a warm complexion. She was wearing already changed into the standard tight grey gym t-shirt and a pair of black shorts that were cut off at before the knee. She had a pair of black Nikes’ on and long white socks that accentuated her legs by covering most of them. Although most of the girls were good ones, Sophie was not.  

“What are you doing standing over there all by yourself Cara? Don’t you want us to see your body?”
Cara looked up at Sophie and couldn’t stop her face from turning a light shade of red. A few of the other girls stopped what they were doing and a few others laughed. Sophie looked around at the other girls as if to really take in the reaction she had got. It must have been good enough for her, because she continued her taunts.

“Come on Cara, it isn’t like we haven’t seen it all before!” A few of the other girls laughed, but some of them weren’t too impressed by what Sophie was doing.

“Hey Sophie, leave her alone, let her change in peace,” a few of the other girls voiced their agreement and Sophie turned back to look at them in surprise.

“Yeah Sophie, quit it.”

She looked at the crowd of girls who had moments ago been laughing at her joke, but had not turned on her. She made them laugh now they thought she was a bully. That wasn’t how this was supposed to go. She was the funny girl, the cool girl. She turned back to Cara and felt her eyes narrow, and her hands, which hung at her side, clench into fists.

The rest of the girls were focused back on their own concerns and Cara was the only one who saw Sophie staring right at her. Cara stared back, but Sophie looked angry.

Sophie just peered at her, trying to decide what she could do to this girl who had humiliated her. She could keep taunting her, but if she did the other girls might step up to defend her. She had to do something to get her back though. Had to remind everyone who the cool one was. The girls kept their eyes on the other as if they were afraid of what the other might do either looked away.
What is she planning, Cara wondered, I didn’t do anything to make her look at me like that.

This whole situation was embarrassing enough already, her faced was tinted with red from blushing and now Sophie seemed focused on her. Hopefully she just left her alone. Cara remembered recently how some girl had bumped into Sophie in the hallway just the other day and Sophie had pantsed the girl. Pantsing was obviously something Cara wasn’t a fan of, because it would show off her underwear. Just the thought of being pantsed caused her to blush a little harder, and she brought her hands up to her face in an effort to hide it.

Sophie saw her blush and assumed, which, in a way she was right to, that for some reason she was the cause of the blush. Sophie redoubled her efforts to think of some way to embarrass Cara. But what could she do? She could pants her like that girl she did the other day, but what would be the point. Cara was changing anyway, and Sophie taking off her pants, might get a laugh, but it would just speed up the changing process for Cara. There wasn’t much else she could do. She briefly thought about pulling her underwear off too, but that was how lawsuits were started, so she dismissed the idea as quickly as it came. And the question still remained. But if she couldn’t pull the underwear down, what could she do?

Cara hadn’t yet started to change and, Sophie took the chance to look Cara up and down once more to see if she could get some kind of idea. She could pull the pants down, but then what else? She saw Cara’s underwear, what was only a small piece of white sticking out of the top of her pants. The answer came to her. It was so obvious to her once she thought of it that she had to stop herself from laughing. She didn’t want to give any indication of what she was about to do, so she kept her face straight and took a step toward Cara, trying not to rush over in her excitement. She didn’t want to ruin what was to come. The surprise was often the best part.

Cara watched as Sophie moved closer to her and Cara instinctively took a step back, but she only made it one step before the back of her legs collided with the wooden bench that lined the wall. Cara’s head turned back to see what she hit, and in the process almost lost her balance falling back, but she managed to stay standing. She would later wish she had just fallen down.
But in the moments it took Cara to catch her balance, Sophie closed the distance between the two of them so when Cara turned her head back Sophie was standing right in front of her.

Sophie hoped to shock Cara by seemingly popping up right in front of her. But Cara didn’t seem shocked, she just looked at Sophie for a moment and Cara realized that for Sophie to get there so quickly she must have ran. And the idea of her running the short distance between the two of them, for any reason, was enough to make her laugh. Unlike Sophie, she didn’t stop herself from doing so.

It was only a little giggle, but Sophie knew Cara was laughing at her. She didn’t know why Cara might be laughing, but she didn’t let it upset her. In a few seconds Cara wouldn’t be laughing anymore. In a few seconds everyone would be laughing with Sophie. Laughing at Cara.

Sophie was looking at Cara’s face but her head tilted down and her eyes seemed to be focusing on her pants. Cara didn’t want to, but she found herself looking down as well, to see what Sophie might be looking at. The thing is, she already had a pretty good idea.

Cara stopped laughing when her fear was justified and she saw her underwear peeking out of the top of her pants. Her face, which had just been losing some of its blush, lit up a bright red color.

Sophie inched herself even closer, Cara wanted to back up more. But she couldn’t. She leaned her body back slightly, but it didn’t help, Sophie just moved further toward her.

“What’s wrong Cara? You don’t want anyone to see your underwear?” Sophie asked, her voice a sweet little taunt that sounded almost like a genuine question.

“Leave me alone,” Cara said, surprised no one else had said anything. A few of the girls were looking at the two of them, but none of them said anything. Maybe they were waiting to see what was going to happen.

Sophie just giggled to herself. She was still looking at Cara’s underwear.

“Oh I will,” she said, “I will leave you alone. But I think I want to see more of your underwear.”

Cara managed a quick glance at the clock on the wall across from her, near the door to the gym. She was too far to try to run to it, or the other exit which was closer, but still, with Sophie right in front of her, she wouldn’t be able to get far. Besides, she tried to tell herself before after looking at the clock, class starts in five minutes. There wasn’t anything she could do in just five minutes.
Sophie stretched her arms out and put both of her hands on Cara’s hips. Cara sucked in a breath in surprise. What was she doing? Sophie finally looked away from her underwear, and back up to her face. Her hands were lightly resting on her hips, her fingers splayed over, and on, the top of her pants.

Neither girl said anything, and everyone else in the room had gone silent staring at the two girls in the corner who just looked at each other.

A second later Sophie’s hands tightened on her hips, and her pants, her fingers gripping into the fabric of her jeans. Her fingers were able to slip into the loops where a belt would go. Cara wished again that she was wearing a belt. These pants were just too big.

But Sophie didn’t mind at all.

“Now let’s see more of your underwear,” Sophie said, her voice was quiet, but in the silence of the change room, it managed to carry nicely to most of the other girls.


Cara started to ask what she was doing, but Sophie wouldn’t have answered anyway. Her hands tightened even more on the pants and both girls grew tense. Cara trying to pull backwards but unable to move between Sophie’s hands and the wall behind her. She didn’t know which one was making it harder to escape.

Sophie’s knees bent as her hands moved outwards trying to stretch the pants out as much as they could. Cara realized then what was about to happen, her hands moved to intercept Sophie’s but she was too late. Sophie was already pulling down.
Her body moved in one quick motion, all of her worked to push the pants down as fast as she could. It took five seconds, but once her knees dropped the rest of her body the pants fell quickly, and by the fifth second Cara’s legs were surprised by the feeling of cold air suddenly tickling them. It shocked her for a moment and she stayed still with her hands hanging a few inches from where her pants were only seconds before.

The girls started laughing. A number of them saw the pantsing and were laughing at it, others just heard laughing and joined in with it.

Cara’s already red face seemed to turn a darker shade, as if a fire of embarrassment was raging just behind her cheeks, and the flames of shame wanted to erupt out of her face.

“SOPHIE!” Cara gasped, her hands moving on their own to cover the front of her body, painfully aware of how her big white pair of panties were on display for everyone to see. And all the girls were laughing at her.

“Oooh, is Cara embawassed by her wittle undies?” Sophie teased as if she was speaking to an infant. Standing in front of all the other girls like this, Cara kind of felt like one.

Cara was sure someone was going to say something. Do something. But no one did. Maybe they knew something more was coming. Maybe they just wanted to watch someone get embarrassed.

“I think she is!” Sophie joked. Sophie was back to looking at her underwear again. “You know what Cara?” Sophie said, her voice serious again. Sophie waited for a response and looked back up into Cara’s eyes after not getting one for a second.

“What?” Cara almost whispered, afraid of what might be coming next.

“I never thought a girl like you would…wear…such plain underwear,” Sophie said totally serious. Her face was blank, but slowly a smile seemed to crawl on to it. “I think I know a way to fix them right up. I’ll make sure they suit you better!”

“No, that’s ok, I like them just how they are-“

Sophie didn’t let her finish. Her arms shot out again, and she grabbed her now exposed thighs and forcefully spun Cara’s body around. Cara squeaked as she felt herself turn but was too surprised to stop her progress.

Once her body was facing the wall, Sophie placed one of her hands on her mid-back and pressed down hard. Cara felt herself bending just as she had turned moments ago. She wanted to push back, but now the room was filled with the deafening sound of laughter. She wouldn’t get any support from anyone else. Besides, she tried to tell herself, she already pantsed me, what is the worst that could happen? What more could she do?

The laughing stopped. The room grew quiet once more. All the girls were waiting impatiently to see what Sophie was doing. Cara was the most impatient of them all. Cara felt the one hand still pushing hard against her back, keeping her bent over, but then she felt something grazing her lower back, right above her underwear. What was Sophie doing? She wasn’t going to pull down her underwear was she?

She felt the thing moving along her back. She guessed it must be Sophie’s other hand, but could only guess because the only thing she could see was the bench and the floor beneath her. And she felt it grab onto the waistband of her underwear and she gasped. In the silence of the room she might as well have screamed.

A number of girls laughed, but this time it was more to relieve tension. What was Sophie planning?
“Yes,” Sophie said, “I know exactly what to do with a pair of underwear like this.” Her one hand held the waistband of the underwear, not pulling, just gripping it, as if she were getting a feel for it.

“SOPHIE!” Cara tried one last time, she didn’t know what else to do. They probably only had four minutes before class, she wouldn’t try anything with so little time. Would she?

Sophie’s other hand moved to hold her underwear, and when both hands gripped. Cara didn’t straighten herself, she knew if she did Sophie would just press her back down again.  She thought she could hear footsteps, she thought people might be coming to help her, but after a second she realized they were only moving closer. They all wanted a better view.

Sophie pulled the underwear out toward her slightly and Cara hissed through her teeth feeling the underwear press against the front of her body as she had never felt before. Sophie spared one last glance at all the girls around her who had drawn closer to see what she was doing. She smiled and turned back to Cara.

“All right Cara,” she said, “It’s…WEDGIE TIME!” Sophie’s hands clenched down on the waistband of her underwear, the fingers which were moments ago lightly touching the fabric, not held it tightly. Her palms were facing up and her fingers curled around the waistband as if she were preparing to lift a weight. She grabbed onto the fabric until she held two balls of underwear in her hands and she took only a moment to prepare herself, once more bending her knees, and positioning her arms, before she pulled the underwear both towards her, and up to the ceiling.

Her entire body launched upwards with the underwear in an effort to carry it further than if she had just used her hands. The underwear shot up as expected, quickly bunching itself into Cara’s butt. The mass of fabric shifted suddenly from being a cushion to being a thick rope, one firm enough to fit in between her butt cheeks and crate not only n instant sensation of digging, but an aching throb like when a tooth had a cavity.

In those first moments of the wedgie the metaphor seemed accurate. Her butt was a sore tooth because it was being exposed to her abrasive underwear, just like certain things could break down her teeth’s enamel. But what happened when the underwear rubbed too hard? What kind of cavity could she expect when she didn’t have anything left to protect her butt? That metaphot worked for the first few seconds. But then Sophie gave another pull on the underwear, and Cara couldn’t think of anything to compare it too. She could only think of one word. Wedgies. That’s all it was, nothing could compare to it.

The underwear pushed upwards, splitting her butt, and exposing it to all the girls. Thankfully, Sophie was standing right behind her, but that didn’t stop a few of the girls who had moved to the sides to get a better view. She thought her underwear was showing, but the thought of her butt no longer being covered by her underwear was somehow worse.

“Oooh” Cara groaned, her body almost fell forward once more, but this time it was because of the force of Sophie’s pulls, both girls moved in rhythm with the underwear, their bodies and rising and falling in an echo of where ever the underwear was at that moment. Her body toppled forward and her hands landed on the wooden bench with a loud slap. As her body fell forward, her underwear had no problem cleaving its way upward.

The sounds of stretching fabric filled the room, as Sophie delighted herself by pulling on Cara’s underwear.
“How’s the wedgie Cara,” Sophie asked, before giving another pull on the panties. Cara’s bent over body rocked up once, her feet lifting up to accommodate her body which was being hoisted up by her invading panties. She could feel the underwear push against her in a way she never knew it could. It was digging into her, rubbing against the crack of her butt, and the front of her body, in a continuously irritating motion.

“Everyone’s watching you, Cara,” Sophie continued after not getting a response from Cara, “and let me just say, they’re all loving it.”

Cara’s face blushed a fresh shade of red and for once she was happy that no one could see her face; even if that meant they saw her butt. Sophie gave another pull to reinforce her point and Cara squeaked as her butt jumped from the force of the wedgie.
The underwear ground into her butt like a saw does into wood, cutting back and forth again and again, rubbing quickly against her working its way on and on into her until it could break right through. The underwear lunged upwards and the fabric gathered in her crotch with ferocious intensity she was more afraid it was going to split her in half.

“Sophie, stop!” Cara was finally able to say something, she forced it out of her mouth, fighting back the cries of pain just to deliver the message, but it fell on deaf ears. She tried to straighten herself again, but Sophie gave another quick pull on the underwear and the room was once more filled with the laughter of entertained girls. Her underwear jumped up as she fell back, her hands once more clapping against the wooden bench. She knew she was going to have bruises on her hands from hitting it. She was more concerned about the possible bruises she would have on her butt, if Sophie didn’t stop soon. Especially since Sophie didn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

Her white panties scraped against her butt, and like a rough hand, seemed to be grip her tightly in all the wrong places, and force itself skyward, it dug into her and made her wonder how much of her underwear was still outside of her butt. She was pretty sure her butt had swallowed up all of it, and Sophie was pulling only the slightest bit of fabric that was just about to slip in and add to the wedgie.

“Why Cara? This is so much fun!” And all the girls love watching you get your underwear pulled up. Honestly, I thought you were more of a tough girl. But this-” Sophie gives the underwear another pull as if that made her point clear. Cara squealed and the girls laughed once more.

“This is just perfect,” Sophie said, and is encouraged by the response from the girls. She thinks they’re laughing because she said something cool, and because she was doing something as cool as giving someone a wedgie. They thought she was cool. And if she had to do something like give a wedgie to be cool, then that was fine. She might even give Cara some more wedgies if this was the kind of response they elicited. She cursed herself for not thinking of it earlier, a wedgie was a great idea. Who didn’t like a wedgie?
“Ahhhh,” Cara groaned, as if to give Sophie an answer, as her undies were yanked up again. Sophie put her whole body behind the next pull, jumping up slightly and the other girls cheered as the underwear stretched higher than before. She kept a tight hold on the underwear and threw her body up as high as she could. The white panties let out a groan of their own, and a small hole appeared right near the waistband of the underwear, and one of her fingers on her right hand poked out, followed quickly by a second as the hole grew slightly larger.

Sophie didn’t mind that the underwear was starting to rip though, she was felt like keeping a souvenir.

“Owwww, ahhh, it burns. It hurts. Stop, stop please!”

“Almost done, Cara,” Sophie said as if she were doing something as innocent as cutting her hair.

The other girls were all gathered close to Sophie and Cara, standing shoulder to shoulder all in different degrees of having changed. A few of them spoke up. But it wasn’t to defend Cara.

“Ah, that must be so embarrassing” one girls called out. And as Cara’s underwear was yanked up again, a few of the girls could barely be heard over the tearing of sounds of underwear being wedged up into Cara’s butt.

“I’m so happy that’s not me.”

“Those panties are going straight in the garbage after this.”

“Uh oh, gym class starts in a minute, you better let her go Sophie,” one other girl said. Sophie wasn’t done though. And she wasn’t going to let Cara go until she was.

She hauled up on the underwear with all her strength until Cara almost seemed to fall backwards onto her. She let out a muffled scream, hoping that maybe acknowledging the pain would make some of it go away. It didn’t help.

The underwear was slowly ripping, but to slow for Cara’s taste. Blushing, Cara recalls in a moment for a moment, before the pain of the wedgie wips it all away, is triggered by emotional stress. She knows just how much her emotions were stressed. They were stressed just as much as her underwear was.

The wedgie hurt. It wasn’t just embarrassing, it was painful. The underwear- the same underwear she cared so much that no one ever saw, was not only being shown to everyone else- was shown when, first she was pantsed, and now her underwear pulled up, exposing her butt, not just to the cold air of the gym, but also the eyes of every girl in the room.
Now she didn’t care so much about the embarrassment. It was the pain that really bothered her. The aching pulse of her underwear cramming itself into her, as if it were a diver relentlessly swimming for the surface of the water. But the water just kept going. Deeper and deeper.  She no longer cared about anyone seeing her, she cared now about how much it hurt to have her underwear floss her body.

Cara could hear the threads of her underwear breaking but like her embarrassment, all though it was there, was all being pushed to the back of her mind. Her underwear tightened against her, and Cara felt her first tear enter her eye. She doesn’t cry a lot. But her face can’t get any more red, and her butt, she thinks, can’t hurt anymore, her body has to display the pain somehow. So her eyes make up the difference.

Pantsed and given a wedgie in front of everyone. She never knew a wedgie could hurt so much. And why? Because she had a mad morning and didn’t have time to grab a belt.

But her suffering was about to end. Gym class was about to start and her underwear, was finally beginning to rip.
The sounds of popping threads was loudest now and the sounds of the girls laughing matched it. Cara was the only silent one in the room. She had given up. And was just going to take the wedgie.

A chunk of the underwear was coming loose in Sophie's hands and Cara just stood and took the wedgie. The pain and her embarrassment had both reached a climax, but she was already beginning to accept them both. How long had she been like this? Standing straight as her underwear was being lugged up, filling her butt, like the sounds of the girls laughing at her filled her ears. Was it a minute? Five? It seemed so much longer.

Maybe that’s how it always was with a wedgie. The giver felt it only lasted onlt a few seconds, and the receiver would swear it lasted a lifetime.

And the underwear finally ripped.

This time Cara did fall forward, her hands slipped on bench, which they had been touching since she fell forward a short time ago. She was half lying on the bench, with her chest and part of her stomach resting on it, while her butt hung in the air, as if it didn’t know what to do. Her hands would be red, she remembered, just like her face. And probably her butt.

Her panties gave a loud tearing sound like some kind of unnaturally thick paper. Most of it stayed stretched out, the white fabric covering Cara up to her mid-back as if she was just wearing a very large pair. The waistband and a section of the underwear just below it were ripped off with a jagged scar marking where it was torn.

The girls keep laughing as a few of them high-five Sophie. They all might have been Cara’s friends but sometimes you just liked seeing someone get embarrassed. Sometimes you just had to celebrate a wedgie.

Cara stayed how she was, bent over the bench, her butt sticking up with her ripped panties hanging out of it, and her face still red. She was thankful that no one else tried anything with her underwear, most of the girls were already leaving.
“See you later Cara,” Sophie said, stopping at the door to the gym, turning back to speak to Cara, “And I think your underwear will be seeing a lot more of me from now on.”

Cara didn’t respond. She didn’t know what she might have said even if she had the strength to do so. She was to hurt. To embarrassed.

Out in the gym the teacher took attendance and asked where Cara was. A few of the girls giggled recalling the wedgie that had ended only seconds before. Sophie smiled and said Cara was just having some trouble changing. This brought some more laughs from the girls.

The teacher, who was not a dumb woman, thought to herself that a few of the girls standing in front of her right now seemed to have some trouble changing. And in her opinion,  they had to change a lot more than girls like Cara ever did. But the gym teacher didn’t say anything.

Cara stayed in the changing room for a while longer. Eventually she got her gym shorts over the tattered remnants of what was once her underwear. What would happen tomorrow, she wondered? Trying not to think about it too much. Even if every morning she woke up early and put on a belt, what happened, if again she was rushed? Would this all happen all over again? One bad morning, one bad day. It was like she had opened a door, and now couldn’t close it. And behind the door was wedgies.

She changed slowly. And left the changing room. She wiped her face, and her blush began to subside. She would try to make sure she was never rushed again, but either way, as she walked out of the changing room, into the gym, she knew one thing.

She didn’t want to change near the other girls.
There is, as I'm sure you probably expected, a bit of a story behind this. This was originally a short story I posted on LF. But, because of public demand, I wrote a much longer sequel. I'm going to meld this first story into the larger narrative and call it the prologue to the rest of it. I can't tell you the exact dates but I can give you a pretty good idea about how this story came to be. It's probably early October of 2015. I've gained some surprising popularity because of my story that at this point had been finished since June. I'm talking about Lucy and Daniela. Teacher Wedgie Fight was written from June to August 2015. And in around three months I wrote all of YWNR and the first part of YWNR was posted on WH on August 7th 2015. And it gets to October 2015, I've written these works and now I have some clout as a writer in the community. And then Cara1692 well-known on WH for possibly being one of the only female wedgie fetishists in the community. On LF where I've done more, and she sends me a PM asking that I write a story for her. She requested there be a story about embarrassment and she wanted some pantsing, most likely because that's what she's into. I knew she wanted to be able to imagine herself in the character of Cara so I went to WH to look up a description of her. I posted all of this at October 13th 2015, really pushing myself to try to make the reason behind the wedgie realistic. :iconanimepanties: called it "superb" when it was posted in the Short Story thread on LF. I sent the story to Cara first to see what she thought of the story. As I remember, she never got back to me. When I began to write the sequel shortly after I asked her if I could continue the story, again, there was no reply so I just went on and did it. It developed into a much bigger story that ends up fitting into the same universe as a lot of my stories are.

I'll post more parts everyday until they're all here. Let me know what you think. I hope you enjoy.
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CaptCrunch99 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2017
This has to be the best lead up and description of a pantsing ive ever seen. Brilliant. Also, whats more to love than a pantsing revealing white granny panties 
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I'm very happy that you liked it. And that praise means a lot, so thank you.
AnimePanties Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017  Student Writer
Superb then, superb now.  A fantastic use of the bully-nerd dynamic, especially with the verbal taunting.  Actually in my mind I had imagined Cara was the one who wrote this, but it's so painfully obvious how bad my memory was.  Only you could create something so amazing that nails a specific setting and scenario so perfectly.  Great trip down memory lane and I'm excited to continue down this road with the later parts.
hannsgutherson Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student Writer
It's always great to see praise and comments from you. I'm sorry about taking so long to reply to this. I had fun writing this first part, and I thought it was pretty good. But what really matters is what the readers think. Especially if those readers are people you trust and admire. I'm sure this wont even compare to the work you're going to be doing, but the kind words are always appreciated. So thanks very much.
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