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I'll keep this short. I was writing for like 45 minutes on my past, present, and future as a wedgie fetish writer, I threw
out some ideas for stuff I thought the community could maybe do (the creation of an anthology with all original stories) and I praised the great :iconanimepanties: whose most recent addition to his incredible story "Friend Sessions" came out while I was doing it. And I apologized to :iconbackupaccount25: for not be as active in our role-play as I would have liked. And I mentioned a plethora of other things and when I went to post it, because I put the title in quotation marks it erased everything. So let me just say that AnimePanties is a spectacular writer which the wedgie fetish community both needs and deserves. He is incredible. And he casts a long shadow over me, I think, but he's so awe-inspiring and it's cool there in the dark, so I don't mind it.  And if you go to LuckyFetish Forums you can find stories I've written that aren't here. Like my new one I recently posted "Touching Oblivion."…

I also went on to profusely thank you all for your support. I wasn't particularly bothered by the fact my words all vanished. That's life. But I feel like one of my flaws (since I fear rejection a lot) is that I really want acceptance and to be accepted.

So I wanted to tell you a bit of what I had written. Too bad it's all gone but sometimes your hard work disappears because you put quotation marks in your title. Know that I am so grateful for all of you in the wedgie fetish community. I didn't end my original journal by saying that I love you all; but I will now.

If you have any questions, concerns, complaints or confessions or thoughts you want to share with me, right now I remember enough of the journal that I could maybe elaborate on some things if asked.

Oh yes, sorry there isn't much wedgie fetish poetry in my folder. I'm working on it, and a number of other things as we speak. Someone please continue the community stories on LF and once again, I thank you so very much and I love you all.
This week I got the chance to talk to the wonderful Reptile111. A member of 11 groups and in admin positions in three of them, he writes wedgie stories with characters from a diverse range of universes. And he keeps watchers updated with a list of planned projects. He talked about the purpose behind one of his groups he made, as well as providing advice for aspiring writers. You can find the talented writer here and without any further delay here he is, :iconreptile111:

What is the appeal for you in writing MLP themed wedgie stories?

Reptile: I think there are a lot of factors that make mlp stories appealing for me to write. One of those factors being ponies mix things up a bit in stories and is something that allows for different ideas. With wings and magic is allows for wedgies that people can't pull off. Plus pony design also keeps things unique with factors like walking on four hooves and tails that makes it different to write about than other species. I also enjoy the show so writing about characters from it is fun and each of them have certain personalities that help determine what kind of reaction they would give in a wedgie. The use of OC's is able to build on this too and allow much more creativity meaning you can make almost anything happen. Plus mlp is generally an easy show to understand, and isn't over complicated making writing easier for it as opposed to other shows or movies. At least for me that is the case. Also there is a nice community of mlp wedgie writers so I think that is another reason I like it so much.

What is the one thing that you have either seen, read or heard while in the wedgie fetish community that has frustrated you the most?

Reptile: If I had to say something it would probably the fact that writers usually get less attention than artists. It is understandable since the art is nice and visual, but still it takes awhile, sometimes hours upon hours, to write a story and some very talented writers receive little attention for the dedication and effort they put in. I guess I always found that a bit unfair and really hope that dedicated writers receive more attention for their efforts in the future.

You have your list of characters you plan to write stories on. Do you have any new characters that you've added to the list or are thinking if giving wedgies too.

Reptile: If this is referencing my first list than that is my OLLLD list. I wrote that at a time when my stories were shorter than they are now, and I was just listing characters for ideas. It is always a possibility I will write about them, but some I doubt I will write about. However, if we are talking about new characters to give wedgies to than there are always a few ideas I have. I can't spoil who I will write about next, but I can say that I always have new ideas of characters to write about whether it be from video games, to movies, to other media.

You're one story "Skyrim Self Wedgies" has a very high number of coincidences and things conveniently happening in the story, all of which take away from the believability of it, at least, in my eyes. So im curious to know just how important realism is to you when you're writing a story? Do you think a story needs to be believable, or is that not something a wedgie story needs?

Reptile: It's been a long time since I wrote that story and honestly I can't remember all of it. Since it was a request I tried to work with the detail best I could to make it into a story. However, if we are talking about realism I like to think of myself in the in between. Obviously a lot of scenarios I write about would never actually happen in real life, but same can apply to many wedgie stories. Realism is somewhat important and so is believability, but sometimes you run out of ideas and it gets to be more unbelievable. I think a story can be whatever you want depending on what you are going for with your writing.

Are you planning on sharing any more stories from your wedgie dreams?

Reptile: If I feel like it

You've written a few stories focused on self wedgies, is that you're favorite kind of wedgie? And again, what exactly is the appeal for you with self-wedgies? Is there something about them that makes you want to write about them?

Reptile: Well they are not my favorite that spot goes to atomics. However, self wedgies are something that I have always found fun to write about. The appeal for me is that the person wants the wedgie, and that they are willing to give themselves one for whatever reason it may be. You don't need another person since they are in control. Plus I have noticed the Internet has lots of self wedgie stuff so it seems to be somewhat popular. Either way though it is a personal favorite and I would like to write more about them.

Your series "Wedgie Academy" has a massive cast. How are you planning on balancing all the characters in the story, giving them all time to develop or to just give and get relatively detailed wedgies when there are so many characters?

Reptile: I am not really sure how I plan on doing all that. Wedgie Academy gained a much larger cast than I originally expected. I thought there would maybe be like 10 OC's but now there are WAY more than that. However, as I write I make sure characters get an even amount of time in the story by making a list. I mark a tally if a character talks and says dialogue, and another tally for if they give or get a wedgie. That way they all get an even appearance in the story. This series will be a challenge to develop characters though, but I have lots of ideas so I think I can work things out. Plus relatively detailed wedgies means I can write a lot more and aim for longer stories.

You once said that "... the meaning of life is writing wedgie stories!" And to paraphrase you slightly you wrote that the character Reptile would be lying on his deathbed thinking of how he spent a large portion if his life writing wedgie stories. Do wedgie stories really mean that much to you? You yourself haven't spent much time writing wedgie stories, is it something you intend to do for a "good portion" of your life?

Reptile: I mean writing these stories do mean something to me. I have always enjoyed writing, and writing wedgie stories is something that is fun to do for the most part. It also is nice that other people like and read my stories which is why I love to write. I want to share my work and stories with others. As for how long I will do this I'm not sure. I don't want to give it up, but as life goes on I might have to someday for one reason or another. However, if I have the time and privacy you can garuntee I will be writing something. Don't worry I will be writing for years to come, I'm just getting started. I really hope to fill my relatively empty gallery with many more stories.

What do you think about the fact that you're group WedgieAcademy does not have any members? Is it just because you've been too busy to advertise it. And also, why create a group for a story with only a few parts which can all be found on your DeviantArt page and as of yet, doesn't add anything. Do you have plans to add content to that groups page in the future?

Reptile: It probably lacks members cause I don't know how groups work that much. The reason I created this group was just more for potential. Let's say if someone potentially made some fan art then there would be a neat organized group for it. I am not really sure if the group was necessary, but it is there in case anyone else makes content for the story,

You once told :iconsaur-ssb: that the reason you started writing wedgie stories was because there weren't enough with charachtrts you wanted to see in them. Has this changed since you've started writing, have you seen more stories with the characters you want to see?

Reptile: Well other than misspelling characters I have somewhat seen more wedgie stories of characters I like. I can't remember any exact characters I wanted, but I have enjoyed fanfictions over time with some certain characters. But it is nice to be writing too because it gives me freedom to see who I want wedgied instead of waiting and hoping for it.

Do you have any plans to continue your interactive wedgie story?

Reptile: Only if people REALLY want it. It got to the point where it was basically just an over complicated rp. I don't plan on going back. I thought it would work, but it became tedious to keep up with.

What about drawings? You've done two pieces featuring anthropomorphic characters, are you going to do more in the future?

Reptile: Again only if people want it or ask for more. Those drawings were drawn by finger on an iPad so they are pretty terrible. I am not really an artist, but if I had more privacy to draw I would like to practice and get better.

You said you were making another account for stories that don't involve fetishes. And I have a few questions around this. The first being, what is the username of this account so fans can find it. And why cant you just post non-fetish work in the same gallery? Finally, you mentioned how the stories would be "fantasy and action related and will probably have something to do with dragons." But you of course could have all these things and still have fetishes involved in the story as well. Or do you disagree?

Reptile: Well if you really want the account is here :icondragons56: I made this account so I could try my hand at non fetish stories. It didn't go very well and I got two views on my story so I just deleted it. The reason I didn't post non fetish stories in my account was because I had some crazy idea that I would maybe get a popular internet series that would be hindered by the fact that there are wedgie fetish stories on the same account. Either way I never plan to log on it again, and if I do write non fetish I'll stick to this account. I agree with the statement that all that stuff I mentioned can have fetishes, but on the Internet. I hope to become an author someday, but based off something non fetishy and fun that everyone can enjoy. It is unlikely but being an author is a dream I have.

Who are some of your inspirations for writing wedgie stories?

Reptile: My two huge inspirations are :iconwjmmovieman: and :iconasmagni: Wjmmovieman was the first writer and artist I found on DA that I loved. His artwork was amazing and his stories always had elements of embarrassment in it like wedgies and they were fun to read since I had never seen a story like that before his. ASmagni my other inspiration was also a huge influence and inspiration being one of the first people I saw to have really good wedgie stories. He was also one of the first mlp wedgie writers that I saw on DA so that was something new and exciting. His stories are also very long and well written and I strive to be as good as him someday. Magni if you are reading I'm sorry for being so sappy but it's true

Do you have a favorite wedgie story which was written by someone else?

Reptile: Hmm I am not sure. I can't pick just one I like many stories I have read here.

What's your advice for aspiring writers in the community?

Reptile: Write about what you want and be yourself. If you like the idea then go for it and make it a reality since it is only an idea until is is written. Don't worry about how good it is or what others think, just go for it and see how things go. If you work at it over time you'll find that you will improve as a writer. You just have to keep with it, and write about what you love. You won't get much attention at first, but over time you will get more. Just stick with it, don't give up, have patience and you can become a great writer in this community. Plus we always need more wedgie stories so if you are thinking about it I'd say go for it.

Do you have a favorite story of the ones you've written?

Reptile: Probably Celestia and Luna's wedgie war. It was fun to write, and I was really able to go all out. I hope to write more mlp stuff like it in the future. Plus it was around that time I felt my stories were getting a little better.

Where does the name Reptile111 come from? What's the story behind that?

Reptile: I had the song Reptile by Skrillex stuck in my head so I named myself Reptile. I am not joking that is the main reason for it. I suppose it can reference Reptile from mortal kombat, but I don't own a single mortal kombat game. Then again Reptile is my favorite character so.... And the 111 part can be an indirect and unplanned reference to Fallout 4's vault 111, but really I just added numbers so I could use the username.

Any questions, concerns, complaints or confessions you want to share with members of the wedgie fetish community?

Reptile: Hmmm maybe for a question is what you want to see more of from me? If I don't know it is harder to know what to write about. Other than that I don't really know what else to say. This community is a nice place, and I hope that it will continue to grow strong for many years to come. I look forward to the future of the wedgie community.
Interview with Reptile111
This week I got the chance to talk to :iconreptile111: , a contributing member of deviantart for only seven months but already he has close to 10,000 pageviews. With series like "Wedgie Academy"… and a plethora of stories that run the spectrum anywhere from "Sonic the Hedgehog" to "MLP." His most viewed story is Wedgie Academy: Chapter 1. I want to thank Reptile111 for taking the time to talk to me. He goes indepth into his motivation for writing stories featuring characters from "My Little Pony." He talks about one of his frustrations with the wedgie fetish community as well as well as what is appealing about a self-wedgie.
This week I was lucky enough to get to talk to the talented and quite funny writer known for his contributions to the body of work of wedgie stories that involve "My Little Pony" "Gravity Falls" "Big Hero 6" "Ariel Brown: Paranormal Investigator" and many, many more. He is of course, the wonderful, (and as he told me)currently single, likeabossjack.

:iconlikeabossjack: spoke to me about his favorite story of the ones he has written, telling me of the non-wedgie one that affected him deeply. We spoke on where his username came from as well as if he might ever be writing another review. For those who know the popular writer, here is a bit of insight into the man behind the written words. And for those who don't know him, allow me to introduce him. Ladies and gentleman... likeabossjack.

Over 31,000 Pageviews, and 133 watchers, how does that happen? How does on gain such popularity in the wedgie fetish community?

LABJ: I honestly don't know. I just made this account one day to write stories about wedgies. I didn't think too many people would read my stuff at the time, but I guess people just liked what I wrote so I guess it comes naturally if you put effort into it.

Under your name is the words "until then" what time are you referring to? Until when?
LABJ: Ha, that was back when I had the Bill Cipher wheel as my profile pic, it was from Bill saying, "A great day is coming where everything you know and love will be forever changed! Until then, I'll be watching!" I believe it was that or something similar. I just never got around to changing it.

You've written a number of series since you joined DeviantArt back in December of last year, and I was curious if you had a favorite series to write or favorite characters within a series that you liked coming back to?

LABJ: By far I think 'Ariel Brown, Paranormal Investigator' is my favorite. I just love Ariel, since she has several character inspirations put into her. I also love writing the paranormal aspect of it, although I feel like I could improve it significantly in future chapters.

I spoke to :icontitan572: about being a part of TUGS-underwear-inc, and he said "TUGS helps tie writers and artists together by giving them a similarity with one another. the fact that TUGS exists within the works of all these artist means that their OCs are linked to the OCs of their fellow artists." Is that the reason you joined and contribute to the group or do you have another motivation for doing so?

LABJ: Pretty much. It's nice having a bit of an inside joke you could say, since newer wedgie community members wouldn't know what it is unless they asked or found out, making it a thing only we know about. I hope I said that in a way that made sense, it made sort of made sense in my head.

Some of your first stories were "Wreck-it-Ralph" stories I believe, do you have any intention of maybe going back to your roots and writing another story with the characters from "Wreck-it-Ralph?" Or have you moved on from this?

LABJ: It's kind of old, but if I had a unique idea that would make a great story with it I wouldn't see why not.

You wrote two stories with figures from Greek mythology, was there something in particular that drew you to those characters, or was it more you were experimenting?

LABJ: I was inspired by a few drawings :iconradicool332: made. Athena instantly came to mind, since she's the goddess of wisdom I pictured a nerdy bookworm. And Arachne, I believe her name was, my brain instantly converted spider web to cotton web, making her an obvious candidate in my mind. And as of right now, it was just an experiment, as I don't really plan to make more Greek goddess themed stories.

In the comments section on your page you mentioned how you were working on brainstorming new story ideas as well as working on making a YouTube video. Have you come up with any ideas you would be willing to share without giving away any spoilers? And also, the YouTube video, is that a more person non-wedgie fetish related sort of video, or did you have plans to maybe incorporate wedgies in there whether you're just talking about the fetish or yourself?

LABJ: My mind constantly makes, scraps, modifies and molds ideas around before I even start writing, so as of yet I won't confirm anything to be 100% yet, since the last thing I want to do is disappoint people. And the YouTube videos are a more personal thing, it isn't wedgie related, in fact I hope to one day earn money from it so I most likely won't be showing it here.

I know you've said many times that "Gravity Falls" was your favorite show, have you been able to find a show to replace it now that it's over? Is there another show that can maybe be called your favorite now?

LABJ: I doubt I'll ever find a show that has the same level of mystery, suspense and generally whatever made me eager to learn it's secrets. I do hope however that Alex Hirsh's next show will be interesting enough in its own ways. But as of right now, I currently don't have a favorite show.

Speaking of T.V. shows, you've done a few reviews on games you've played, and on the movie "Forrest Gump." Are there any other games, movies or T.V. shows you're thinking of reviewing in the future?

LABJ: You mean Jack reviews? Man, I haven't really thought about doing it again, although if I do I'll do my best at it!

Also, building on this, you're known as a writer of wedgie fetish stories, why not just focus on that and writing stories instead of also having a section for reviews that don't have anything to do with wedgies?

LABJ: I often joke about how I'm a total perv, but the truth is I need variety. If I only wrote wedgie stories I'd quickly burn out, and I feel as though my watchers can still enjoy it, not on the level of reading a nice wedgie story but still entertaining none the less. But in all joking front and center, I'm a total perv :P

One more question on this subject, you've stated that "The Princess Bride" is your favorite movie, can your fans expect a review on this film in the future?

LABJ: Possibly, as I said, I haven't done Jack reviews in awhile so I'm unsure at the moment.

How did you first get into writing wedgie stories? Did you always have a desire to write, how did it all begin?

LABJ: Well, I first saw a bunch of wedgie art on here, Doctor Cobra I remember looking at his stuff a few years ago, and I eventually decided to write, since I suck at drawing but still wanted to make something for my fetish. for you?

Were there any writers in the community, or even other fetishists, who inspired you to start writing, who you maybe try to emulate in your work or just played a role in your development as a writer?

LABJ: Well, Doc Cobra's stuff made me open to the MLP side of the wedgie community, since I'm not a true brony, I haven't even watched a full episode of MLP. I also remember MLPFunfictionwriter and ASmagni. Wait, most people that inspired me are bronies, why aren't I a brony?! I realize I may be missing quite a few people, but I wasn't very social early on DA so I'm having a hard time remembering.

Your most viewed story is "Big Hero 6 Wedgie" I imagine it is the favorite of many of your fans. I'm curious to know if you have a favorite of the stories you've written.

LABJ: Favorite story? That's a tough one... Probably 'A Little Flicker' if were talking non wedgie related. Purely because I cried while writing it, no joke. And if you mean wedgie related than 'Wedgie Fortress 2' since it was my first multiple Deviant/OC centered story.

And do you have a favorite wedgie story? We talked a bit about writers or people who inspired you, but is there one story that stands out for you as being the best in the community?

LABJ: Don't make me answer this. There are so many stories I've read and loved, narrowing it down to one story is impossible for me.

I know you have an interest in cryptograms, codes and ciphers. Do you have any interest or plans in working these into the stories you write?

LABJ: Well, if I get feedback that people will actually try to solve them them perhaps I'll include some sprinkled around. For fun. I'd hate wasting time making them if nobody tried to solve them.

You and I talked a bit about your plans for the "Ariel Brown, Paranormal Investigator" stories and as a way of checking in, I recall you told me you had a list of the creatures you were thinking Ariel could encounter, are there any monsters that we can maybe expect to see in the upcoming stories of Ariel Brown?

LABJ: So far anything besides zombies is possible, I'm only keeping zombies away since I feel they're heavily overused.

You almost always start off your stories with a note I brackets which says 'Important' or something similar to that. why is that, why at the very beginning instead of at the end, or in the section of the post dedicated for information on the stories?

LABJ: Well, I've stopped doing that more recently. But at the time it was usually for important information like "This takes place after episode 3" or other information I thought people needed to understand to get the story fully.

You have a number of OC's, do you have a favorite out of all of them. I imagine, after reading the Christmas story you did, where they were all featured, that in a way they are sort of like you're children, and so I wonder then, if it becomes harder to actually have a favorite among them all?

LABJ: Don't make me choose my babies! But seriously, I love all of my OCs equally. I try to make them as unique as possible, quirky and memorable because I want them to be the very best, like no one ever was.

I was fascinated by the intro to your story "Artificial Existence" and I'm curious to know if you have any plans to continue the story.

LABJ: Totally. The concept interests me greatly, and the world building opportunities make me giddy just thinking about it! I've already brainstormed some backstory that may be mentioned or referenced.

You write a lot of stories with other writers OC's as well as mentioning them in some of the work you do like "TUGS Inc. Emotions Explained" is one example of this. I'm curious to know what made you want to write with about other characters you didn't create, and why you collaborate with others, as well as write stories based on requests so frequently.

LABJ: Writing with other peoples characters is exciting since it gives me new reactions, interactions and contraptions (the last one is a joke) to write with in different situations. Collaborations let me interact with other Deviants in a fun way, while giving others a nice story or two to read. And lastly I do requests because, honestly, I only have a finite amount of creativity at timed. Requests give completely different ideas which I can then make into stories.

You ask some philosophical question in journals, and questions with the goal of learning more about other fetishists. Do you a motivation behind this? Are you simply curious to learn more about other wedgie fetishists and their interests?

LABJ: I like to think in general I have an opened mind set, granted I still have opinions, but generally I like hearing another person's side of an argument. And I also have a curiosity about similar fetishes, sort of like soul searching, except with fetishes instead of the meaning of life and existence. And spoilers, the answers 42.

When you originally wrote your "Big Hero 6 Wedgie" story you mentioned how you were experimenting with different T.V. shows, are there any new shows your fans can maybe expect to see a story for?

LABJ: Not at the moment. I've been to busy playing Overwatch to watch TV.

Any plans for more stories direct involving TUGS, either based on your OC Samantha for example who tests underwear, or another piece like your "Emotions Explained" one?

LABJ: Most likely. Samantha has been used in RPs and I'm happy to say is in a healthy and kinky relationship with a fellow Deviant's OC. And I'll have to talk to Jessie about TUGS stuff, since so far there's not actually a canon thing that TUGS does besides make underwear.

I know you're a fan of Overwatch, there's a section in your favorites dedicated to it, so I'm interested in knowing if you intend in writing any Overwatch stories yourself, is that something you might be interested in doing?

LABJ: Definitely, although at the moment I've got quite a bit on my plate as it is in terms of stories I want to write. But maybe soon

Similar to this, I know you're interested in video games, do you have a favorite?

LABJ: I'd say either TF2 or Overwatch, I didn't start truly gaming till I was a teenager, since before all I had was a Wii, and more little kid games was all I had back then.

Your name, likeabossjack, where does that come from? I know the band the Lonely Island had their "Like a Boss" video a while back, were you maybe inspired by that?

LABJ: The Likeaboss comes from the YouTuber, JackSepticEye. Who at the time I made my account I watched a lot of, and since my names Jack I decided to be original and steal it.

Are there any questions you maybe thought were going to be asked, or things you wished you were asked about but I missed?

LABJ: You didn't ask if I was single or not. FYI, I am, so if any ladies reading are interested (wink wink) call me.

Any advice for aspiring writers in the wedgie fetish community?

LABJ: Write what you like, it makes it SO much easier. Also use good grammar, this isn't Experience Project. And lastly, everyone here is a human being with emotions, dreams, aspirations, fears and kinks, so don't be an asshole to them.

Any questions, concerns, complaints or confessions that you want to put forth to the community, any things you like or think could be better?

LABJ: Not really, just feel free to comment on my stories. To me a comment is worth many views since it means I can have a serious, goofy, or just laid back conversation with people here.
Interview with likeabossjack
A writer with a great sense of humour, has been a member of DeviantArt since December of 2014. Since his arrival on this board he has been a prolific figure in the writing community, with dozens of stories covering a wide range of genres and universes.  His most popular story is "Big Hero 6 Wedgie."… He is currently in the process of writing a few different stories, the hints to which can be found on his profile page. If you can guess them right, I believe he has promised to give away a cookie.
I wanted to thank you all for watching,commenting, and adding my work to your favorites. I've often said I don't deserve the incredibly kind treatment you all give me. I have also said before that I feel blessed to be part of this community.

I apologize for not posting any fiction recently. I've been trying my hand at constrained writing experiments like a lipogram (where I'm trying to write a wedgie scene without ever using the letter E) and an alliterative where I'm writing a scene with only words that start with W. The interactive story exists, but the ratio between Wedgies and long-winded philosophical ramblings I think is a little off currently. Needs more scenes and wedgies.

But now that you know some of what's been cooking I want to open things up to you. I had been feeling in a bit of a writing slump. I'm sure you hear this often from writers in the community and I don't want to bore you with details other than to say that I found myself drawn to other distractions because writing isn't as easy as I sometimes like to think.

Anyway, I started a RP with someone recently and my verbose passages and trying to compare everything to wedgies has sparked in me renewed interest. Finally, I get to the reason of this post.

I want suggestions for stories you want to see written. I want all your ideas. There are no stupid ones and I mean that. I've also been thinking of trying to get a bunch of writers together for a big project (where we all write stories in a shared universe or something). Wwnt to see what a wedgie fetishist in the zombie apocalypse would be like? Fantasy based, sci-fi (wedgie aliens
who invade a spaceship of humans) literally anything. You know about my style and how I write. I don't know how long the stories will be or how long they will take to write. But that's where the fun is.

So please, tell me what you want. You earned it. And I want to write your stories into reality.
I'm curious to hear from everyone out there. As you know I write a bit and am very interested in the literature of the community; and if you have any suggestions for writers in the wedgie fetish community, things you want to see more of in stories, things you don't want to see, please share them with me. I really and truly want to know.

For example I just responded to a post someone else made saying that the wedgie community needed stories that talked about the type of grip the giver used for the wedgies. I'd be happy to respond to any ideas you might have on writing, genres you think aren't present. Clichés/tropes in the community's writing (or my own for that matter) you've spotted and think should be avoided.

And in more general terms if there is anything in the community as a whole you'd like to see more of, I'd be curious to know. Personally to maybe get some sort of discussion started I would say I would like to see some more animation. As well as a comic-book of sorts, longer in length, that brings both art and writing together in a wedgie filled package.

I promise to respond to everyone who comments. I hope you're all doing well and I look forward to hearing from you all. I'm excited to see what you  all have in mind.


Ryan Tuchow (wedgie)
A wedgie fetishist who writes stories.

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Thank you kindly for the watch good sir :D
hannsgutherson Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2016
My pleasure. You deserve it. And you deserve many more.
AmonWedgie Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2016  Student General Artist
thanks for visiting,  did you like what I'm trying to get going?
hannsgutherson Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2016
Always. You've got talent my friend. I can't wait to see what you have in store for all of us.
AmonWedgie Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2016  Student General Artist
 oh snap, he says I have talent.  Neko Emoji-16 (Blush) [V1]   Thanks man I just hope it doesn't read as rushed by the author. 
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